Video Demo Reels. What follows below are some videos featuring yours truly. Check them out, rate them and comment, and also visit my YouTube and Vimeo channels for more info. Thanks for watching. Drop me a line and let me know what you think! I’m available for voice work, commercials, comedy events and more. (Updated Fall 2015)

The Funnies

Pizza for Good” Blooper Reel
Videography by
Duncan Connor
Nutty outtakes from shooting video clips in support of the book

"Pizza for Good" Blooper Reel from Will Pollock on Vimeo.

Accidents do happen... especially in my kitchen. Basil stuck to my nose, bleeped cussing and Triscuit (my rat terrier) stepped all over our shots. All of these shenanigans are in support of my forthcoming eBook, "Pizza for Good," due from Agate Digital in November - which will have embedded video right in the eBook file. These are the outtakes.

"Pizza for Good" traces the rise of The New Year's Eve Gourmet Pizza Extravaganza, and how it helped initiate an artists' collaborative called ARTvision Atlanta, and now a book. You, too, can raise money in your own community using America's favorite food - and return it to the local level at the same time. For more on the project and to buy your copy, visit Enjoy!

A Book-release Party... or a Penny Frulla Roast?
Videography by Arno Hunter Myers
Penny’s cell phone rang during a chapter presentation...

Roasting Penny For Good from Will Pollock on Vimeo.

The set-up: we're about midway through the book-release party, and Penny is seated at the Troublemaker Table - a group of my friends in the back row who were giggling, laughing and generally causing trouble. I'm in the middle of a chapter presentation, and Penny's phone rang - and this is what happened next.

Full book-release party footage, including a short movie and a few other clips, coming soon.

Video Recipes

New York Delhi” a Pizza for Good original recipe
Videography by Rachel Harris “Mama Ditchie” Brown
Two of The Brownies and I collaborate on delicious naan pizza

Gorgeous Gougeres” - inspired by Julia Child
Videography by Will Pollock
It’s a video recipe drawn from a book chapter about a blog post about a movie based on a book. Got it?


Light of Love
Music, lyric & lead vocal by Will Pollock (buy now on iTunes)
Official theme song for ARTvision 2009


Front Porch Fabulous
Profile on HGTV’s “Ground Breakers”
Atlanta, Summer 2008 (In three parts)

"Renovation Nation" on Planet Green/Discovery Channel
Atlanta, Spring 2008

Part I

Part II


“I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For”
Duet with Alexis Vear, Parties with Impact
Atlanta, November 2009

Blast from the Past

Gladys & The Thrusters
Lip Sync performance set to Karyn White’s “Love the Way You Love Me”
Skidmore College - Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Spring 1989

Q Posse
Lip Sync performance set to a montage of “Real Love” & “I’ll Be Good to You”
Skidmore College - Saratoga Springs, N.Y., Spring 1990