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"The American Photographer" (Professional Photographer magazine)
Full multimedia profile of Pete Souza, official White House photographer

my roles: reporting & writing, presenting, digital production
This piece on White House photographer Pete Souza grew from a standard magazine profile to a full-on multimedia experience, with overlay interview audio fused with the photographer's own images. My editor and I innovated to transform this piece in to a I plan on collecting all of it under one roof on Joomag (coming soon).

"Pizza for Good" (Agate Digital)
Mission-based cookbook, DIY, memoir and storybook using gourmet pizza to make a difference in local communities

my roles: reporting & writing, photography, print production, editing, marketing, blogging
After signing my first book deal, I wanted the finished, digital product to be innovative at its core. So I hired a videographer (Duncan Connor) to shoot some video to be embeddded directly in with the .pub file, making PFG a truly multimedia experience. PFG marked the first time Agate had ever incorporated video in to one of its digital line of books. In addition to the 20-chapter book, I'm continually updating the YouTube playlist below with new recipes, tips and tricks.

ARTvision Atlanta ("artists reaching through")
Founder, executive director and displaying artist for charity fundraiser (the story of which is told within the pages of PFG)

my roles: curating, blogging, artist outreach & networking, marketing, presenting, production, editing, photography, writing
ARTvision is about to celebrate its 10th year of fundraising, made up of a core and growing group of artists who want to make a difference with their artistry. To date we've made more than $55,000 for three charities. I launched AV in 2006 as a small, online event and it's grown in to a local-Atlanta favorite.

NewNowNext (formerly - LogoTV)
Entertainment and pop-culture writing for this LGBT-focused online news outlet

my roles: live-blogging, reporting & writing, longform reviews and analysis, YouTube clip curation, advanced WordPress operation and management, blogging; writer of the popular "Big Brother" liveblog from 2014 (read more)

Multi-site Webmaster
Manager of a broad spectrum of websites and blogs

my roles: developing, copywriting, WordPress production, videography, editing and more.

Weedon Professional Center
ARTvision Atlanta
Wayne Sun, M.D.
CrankyYank: Writing. Culture. Sideways.
Pizza for Good
Leaving Triscuit